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YES, Flatee is 100% legal in Singapore!

Following up:

An official document with our legal opinion on our product regards to Singapore current law and regulations will be available for all our loyal customers in the coming two weeks!

This important document should come handy with you as verification for whoever is not aware about the law in Singapore.

During these two years in the making and countless discussions and written communications with the authorities in Singapore; even reaching out to the Attorney-General’s Chambers of Singapore in March 2021 to verify the law in Singapore to our product method of affixing license plate.

Factual as follow:

–> There is no definition with the existing law and/or regulations in Singapore on how license plates should be affixed.

It clearly states that: “identification mark must at all times be securely fastened to the motor vehicle”.

Most license plates are slot-in between the common plastic frame system which are easily detachable in a quick 2 seconds.

Flatee being attached with its hook & loop system has a 140kg holding power, promote safety benefits compared to any existing product available in the market.

 What you will anticipate from Vehicle Inspection Centers?

In actual fact, Inspectors at VICOM or STA do not have proper guidelines on how license plates must be affixed, therefore inspection approvals are based on individual assumptions, resulting in inconsistency between inspectors and inspection centres. (this fact has been disclosed by LTA)

This is why for any accuracy guidelines; you can always refer to the existing law under the Road Traffic Act/Rules of Singapore.

With best regards,
FLATEE Team Singapore