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Legal or not?

YES, Flatee is legal in Singpore!

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Most license plates are slot-in between the common plastic frame system which are easily detachable in a quick 2 seconds.

Flatee being attached with its hook & loop system has a 140kg holding power, promoting many safety benefits compared to any existing product available in the market.

There is no safer, better and more reliable affixing system available in Singapore.

 What you will anticipate from Vehicle Inspection Centers?

In actual fact, Inspectors at VICOM or STA do not have proper guidelines on how license plates must be affixed, therefore inspection approvals are based on individual assumptions, resulting in inconsistency between inspectors and inspection centres. (this fact has been disclosed by LTA)

In the event you are facing any questioning or having difficulties when sending your vehicle to LTA or VICOM, please use the following Text to clarify: 

As there is no legislation under Singapore law that expressly specifies on how license plates should be affixed in Singapore, save that the license plate(s) must always be securely fastened to the motor vehicle. Particularly, under Singapore law, there is no prohibition against the use of Flatee-affixing system. Consequently, the use of FLATEE is not in contravention of any explicit obligations as set out in the RTA or the RT(MVRL) Rules.

If otherwise, please provide written documents and article of the mentioned, under the RTA or RT(MVRL) Rules.


The Flatee Team wishes you lot of fun and many compliments with your new Flatee-Look!