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Most frequent questions and answers

Yes, Flatee fits all kind of cars except for car that are designed where the front bumper requires a holder to house the license plate.

With this kind of bumper, car enthusiasts could make a carrier plate out of metal / plastic so Flatee could be then attached.

  • Flatee has been tested on numerous car lacquer
  • Defective and corroded lacquer of car surface will not work with Flatee 
  • For maximum adhesive result, let Flatee strips set for a FULL Day on flat, smooth and cleaned surface
  • Screws of the old attachment has to be removed before adhering Flatee


Do not pull, force or use any other objects to remove car plate from adhesive strip, instead use the ‘releaser tool’ provided or a plastic card to prevent damaging your car plate.

Step 1

Use cleansing wipes provided to clean and dry the surface where strip will be applied.

Hook strip (with F logo) adhere to the car

Loop strip (without logo) to adhere to the back of car plate.

Step 2

Adhere strips and press firmly for 10 seconds.

Step 3

Enjoy the frameless Flatee style.

Flatee has strong adhesive strength when applied correctly.

To remove Flatee, we would recommend to use a hair-dryer to heat up the F Hook strip on the car.

Beware of overheating as hazards could occurred.

When the sticker is heated up, pull the corners slowly off the car. Some stains and/or remaining glue can be cleaned off with silicon remover or gasoline cleaner. (Please be careful the kind of cleaner used on surface as damage may occur, use with your discretion)

There will be no effect on Flatee if your car is being sent for car wash.

Importantly, Flatee must be applied correctly! 

Alcohol wipes are provided (contain cleaning agents for degreasing must be used to clean the surfaces that Flatee are going to be applied on the designated area.

The license plate must also be pressed firmly for at least 10 seconds so that the hook & loop are adhere securely. 

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Yes,  Flatee is specially developed adhesive for temperature from -30°C to 95°C.

Weather resistant to sunny, rainy, icy, dry and humid conditions. 

 Flatee is durable compared to any plastic frame (usually fastened with screws, which corrode quickly). 

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Payment mode may vary or change without prior notice.

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